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“I work at IBM Design here in Austin.” For many people outside the program, that statement doesn’t do much to explain what I do or what IBM Design is and what it’s trying to do. Even after I explain what I do exactly, I still get puzzled looks.

This is understandable. After six months, IBM at large is an enigma to me, but I’m learning. A lot of people I talk to think IBM makes the Thinkpad and that I’m required to wear a suit to work every day. Neither of these things is true and haven’t been for some time.

This morning, the New York Times published a fantastic, well-rounded article on the IBM Design program in Austin. The piece provides a full overview, from humble beginnings to a group that is tasked with helping IBM do what it has done time-and-time again: Evolve. A major theme to the story, and where my own comes into play, is that for IBM to evolve with the times we have to hire designers at an incredible scale.

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